Where is HSC Located?

The social club is located at 396-E, Isles of Meta. From the Founder: "A place where you can go to learn, socialize, play games, or just relax by the ocean as the waves crash on shore. The Isles is a beach side college town, where everyone owns their own island to do what they wish with. Whether you are a game creator wanting to create a world, an architect wanting to show off your abilities, a live performer wanting to engage with your fans on another level, or someone who wants to get away for a little bit with your own peace and quiet... the isles has something for everyone!"

Hand-Drawn, Digitally Rendered Assets.

An NFT design implementation not yet seen in the overcrowded, repetitive space; Creating rarity far exceeding current offerings. Gamified NFT Collection for breeding and racing assets. Social Club with Meta real estate and an off-chain dive for members and reward driven Unreal Engine 5 parlor games.

Utility and Community

The NFT and digital asset space has now crossed the line where vanity PFPs with no real utility are overvalued from derivative after derivative. Without utility, a project can become stagnant and loose investors value rapidly. Our Social Club aims to move with the shifting tide and provide true lasting brand recognition. through gamification and reward based utility. Utilization will take advantage of ALL growing ecosystems and L1s. The FUTURE is MULTI-CHAIN.